Richard & Linda Mose Meadows

Richard & Linda Mose Meadows
Pastor, Pastoral Counselor and Chaplain

Will you Go?

What is truly meant when in the sermon last week, we kind of agreed that being called to the harvest is not easy. The question mid-week has to be, did anyone really agree to go? Or is the Reverend just making some assumptions? The sermon “was good,” but did anyone sign on to become part of the harvest recovery system. I like that term, HRS. My beloved it is not easy and as my mom would say “easier said than done.“ Is the expectation each week for the preacher, that members will be moved to action? Yes. Am I sure that this is occurring? I don’t know. 

So I must depend on you to tell me that you have been moved to action. My gut tells me that the people who do, will keep on doing. The one who thinks about doing, will keep on thinking and the one who just don’t have the time, will not find the time in the near future. My target is the one who is sitting on the fence trying to figure out what God is doing in their life. Yes, the one who is thinking about doing. The one is not going to, well we will talk about that later.

The wonderful work of harvesting gives you choices, remember I mentioned St. Luke you will plant seeds that will grow, your will water and you will provide the yeast that will cause exponential growth. The church is concerned with the sowing and watering. Jesus speaks of fertilizing, dung, harvesters with sickles, etc. well that is the hard part, but our work involves making space, community and fertile ground for those who dare to come to this wonderful beloved community of Christ. 

So to my thinkers, who are trying to figure out how they can work in the vineyard, the next two Sunday’s sermons may help. I just want to share a Jewish extension of the OT through what’s known as Midrash.

Rabbi Yoshua ben Levi came upon Elijah the prophet while he was standing at the entrance of Rabbi Simeron ben Yohai's cave . . . He asked Elijah, "When will the Messiah come?" Elijah replied, "Go and ask him yourself." "Where is he?" "Sitting at the gates of the city." "How shall I know him?" "He is sitting among the poor covered with wounds. The others unbind all their wounds at the same time and then bind them up again. But he unbinds one at a time and binds it up again, saying to himself, 'Perhaps I shall be needed: if so I must always be ready so as not to delay for a moment."' (Taken from the tractate Sanhedrin)

You will be called upon in the midst of your pain and brokenness to stop what you’re doing and participate as one of the laborers. It is your sacrifice and care that will make the difference in the lives of others. It is you who will perhaps be present with them in the midst of their pain and suffering. I don’t know but join me in the process. Boy I love you.
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