Richard & Linda Mose Meadows

Richard & Linda Mose Meadows
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Malika Calhoun...for talking too much?

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Does anyone deserve to receive a beat down for talking too much. Black youth can not afford to even speak about treatment or talk back because the penalties are severe. Black youth in some areas are under assault and I fear for my own children for something as minor as a traffic infraction.
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(CBS/ AP) A teenage girl shown being kicked and punched by a sheriff's deputy on a jail surveillance video called the experience "horrible" and told CBS' The Early Show the officer accused her of assault before he tackled her. The footage shows the attack beginning after the girl enters the cell and kicks off one of her shoes toward the deputy. The video, released Friday, is part of an assault case in which Deputy Paul Schene, 31, is accused of using excessive force on the girl, who was being held in a cell at the suburban SeaTac City Hall. Schene, who is charged with fourth-degree assault, pleaded not guilty on Thursday in Superior Court. Malika Calhoun, 15, said she kept telling the officer, "I'm not resisting," but that he went after her once she flung her shoe. Calhoun said she kicked off her shoe - which she said did not hit Schene - because she was upset at the way he was speaking to her.
Courtney Dion Meadows Born 5/9/1983 - Heaven Date 5/2/2005 "My Friend Lives" I desired Peace in the Process and I arrived at Justice. I pray for his shooter...May God give him peace.

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