Richard & Linda Mose Meadows

Richard & Linda Mose Meadows
Pastor, Pastoral Counselor and Chaplain


For Those That Are Grieving: Our Purpose

My Counseling consists of helping you grow in your most significant relationships and in your own personal life. I acknowledge the Multi-cultural and Multi-faith communities and I am dedicated to providing pastoral counseling to anyone regardless of age, race, faith perspective or socio-economic background.

I am an ordained clergy person who has specialized training in counseling. I possess a working knowledge of personality development, psychopathology, theories of counseling, the psychology of religious experience and marriage and family dynamics. I have a graduate degree in theology and I center care around your personality type to allow you to first know yourself and then tackle the isues and problems you face. My Mission is to know you in the fellowship of suffering to help you obtain comfort in your most difficult times of life.

Individual Counseling
Marriage Counseling
Family Counseling
Group Counseling
Specialized Care for Children and Teens
Pre-Marital Counseling
Spiritual Direction
Anger and Anxiety
Critical Incident Stress Management
Ethics Consultations
Family Life Education
Pastors' Seminars
Pastors' Support

I use the disciplines of faith and theology with the knowledge and skills of the behavioral sciences. With each encounter we begin to see more and more the effect that mind and spirit has upon us all. You begin to share your sacred story and it is your own stories that bring healing and covenant with self. It is in the process that we will be conduits of good or righteousness. I am hoping for at the least a good “pastoral visit.” It is in the visit that we find power not only for you but for us together reclaiming and systematically through the counseling process finding the power to connect to our own internalized thoughts and self held conversations to find wholeness.

Seminar Topics
This support group meeting is held weekly in the Southern Virginia Area. Grief groups are designed so that you can begin attending on any week. There are no fees for group sessions but donations are accepted.

Living With Grief – Session 1 This session introduces participants to Grief. It also explains what living with grief is like, why participants shouldn’t be ashamed of their grief and why they shouldn’t rush their healing.

The Journey of Grief – Session 2 This session prepares your group for what to expect along the journey of grief. At the same time, it emphasizes that everyone’s journey will be unique and warns against comparing grief experiences.

The Effects of Grief – Session 3 Your group members are probably surprised at how debilitating grief is. This session explains that this is normal and suggests practical ways to find comfort.

When Someone You Love Dies – Session 4 This session helps grievers think through the critical issues involved in their healing. It also begins preparing your entire group to face the realities of life without their loved ones.

Your Family and Grief – Session 5 This session shares how to keep a family afloat when its members are drowning in grief. It also presents some of the unique issues involved in grieving the death of a child.

The Question Why? –Session 6 Just because God doesn’t answer all of our questions doesn’t mean God won’t answer any of them. This session answers “Why” questions and encourages group members to begin asking other questions as well.

The Uniqueness of Grief – Session 7 This session explores how the causes of, and personal responses to, a loved one’s death affect one’s grief. Topics addressed include suicide, long-term illness, murder and false guilt.

The Uniqueness of Grief – Session 8 Relationships, past and present, affect one’s grief. This session helps participants address insensitive comforters and unresolved conflict with a deceased loved one.

The Word on Grief – Session 9 The bereaved are often overwhelmed by the advice they receive from others. And often, what goes unnoticed is what God says about healing. This session tells participants how to position themselves to experience God’s healing.

Stuck in Grief – Session 10 It’s easy to get stuck along the journey of grief, This session explains how to keep moving on the path to healing.

The Journey to Overcome – Session 11 In this session, those who’ve walked the journey of grief will share what they’ve learned and how they’ve grown from their grief experience.

The Journey to Overcome – Session 12 In this session we unveil the most significant lessons that can be learned during grief.

Hope -- Session 13 This session gives practical advice on how to tap into, and hold onto, the source of hope in this disappointing world.
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